TrailO Italian Cup and TempO Italian Championship - 25 and 26 May 2019

Misquilenses Orienteering, Orienteering Swallows Noale and Padova Orienteering are happy to invite you to this TrailO event in north-east Italy.

27/05/2019:    Published the maps of PreO, TempO tasks and solutions. Warning: the results of the PreO have been republished with the proper header of the competition.
26/05/2019:    Combined results of the two TempO stages, and overall results of the three competitions.
26/05/2019:    Results of the PreO , TempO stage 1 , and TempO stage 2 .
24/05/2019:    Bulletin of PreO competition.
24/05/2019:    Bulletins of TempO competitions, Stage 1 and Stage 2.
23/05/2019:    Quarantine: In the Tempo stage 1 (Martellago) the competitors should stay in the Competition Center or in the parking close to CC from 9:15 until their start time.
23/05/2019:    Previous maps of San Zenone ( + Elite solutions) and Martellago. Grantorto is a new map.
23/05/2019:    Start lists of PreO, Tempo Stage 1, Tempo Stage 2.
23/05/2019:    Check the Entry list.
20/05/2019:    Added some info about the terrains of the competitions.
17/05/2019:    Warning: the competition center of the PreO competition is changed (shifted by 500m). Check the new assembly point in the PreO competition page.
26/04/2019:    The embargoed zones and the assembly points are published in each competition page.

Competitions:25/5, San Zenone degli Ezzelini: PreO, Italian Cup
26/5, Martellago (morning): TempO Italian Championship, stage 1
26/5, Grantorto (afternoon): TempO Italian Championship, stage 2
The competitions are valid also for the CHIS Cup (Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia). The PreO stage is valid for the TrailO Veneto Championship.
Formula:25/5: Classic PreO. Manual punching with control card; the competitors can use their own puncher. SportIdent will be used to record the course time.
26/4: TempO stage 1 and 2, the final result will be the sum of the two times. ANT will be used.
First Start: 25/05, San Zenone:    15:00.   
26/05, Martellago:    09:30.   
26/05, Grantorto:    14:30.   
Elite (Open, Paralympics)
EntriesEntries through the website, or by email to . Deadline: Monday, 20 May 2019. In the day of competitions new entries will be accepted until map are exhausted.
Specify the Sicard number. Specify also if you need an assistant during the competitions.
Entry fees:
€ 10,00 per competition
Under 16 and Beginners:     € 5,00 per competition
Prizegiving: PreO: on conclusion of this stage, the best three will be awarded for each class (Open, Paralympic and Beginners). Moreover, the Veneto Champions will be awarded.
TempO: a ranking will be computed with sum of the times of the two stages; the best three will be awarded for each class (Elite and Beginners). Moreover, the Italian TempO Champions will be awarded.
Prizes for the best Open, Paralympic and Junior in the overall ranking of the three competitions.
Course planners: Roberto Manea, Renato Bettin, Daniele Danieli
Informations: Send a request to